Truth is One; Sages Call it by Various Names

Sri RamakrishnaVedanta is one of the world’s most ancient religious philosophies and one of its broadest. Based on the Vedas, the sacred scriptures of India, Vedanta affirms the oneness of existence, the divinity of the soul, and the harmony of religions. Truth is one, as the ancient Vedanta scriptures proclaim; sages just call it by various names.

Vedanta is the philosophical foundation of Hinduism. But while Hinduism includes aspects of Indian culture, Vedanta is universal in its application and is equally relevant to all countries, all cultures, and all religious backgrounds. Truth is truth no matter what culture it is wrapped in.

We draw our inspiration from the Vedanta philosophy as interpreted by Sri Ramakrishna, one of the world’s most spiritually illuminated teachers and the inspiration for the Ramakrishna monastic order. Although not officially affiliated with the Ramakrishna Math and Mission, the Ramakrishna Vedanta Association of Thailand was founded in 2004 by Swami Damodarananda, a senior monk of the Ramakrishna Order, and currently is overseen by Swami Samachittananda, spiritual head of the Ramakrishna monastery in Singapore. We are registered with the Royal Thai government.

RVAT Now Offers Monk-Led Classes 7 Days a Week (Really!)

By on February 21, 2021

Ramakrishna Vedanta is a truly global community.

While our activities in Bangkok are modest, the Covid-19 pandemic has opened the door to many of the Vedantic classes and spiritual talks given around the world. Because now almost every talk and class is given online (including ours), earnest spiritual seekers can deepen their understanding with the help of Ramakrishna monks as much as they want. Those in our Thailand community can literally attend a spiritual talk every day of the week if they wish!

With that in mind, we’ve expanded our Calendar of Events to include several ongoing Vedanta classes and talks offered by other Ramakrishna Vedanta centers around the world. All are guided by top monks of the Ramakrishna Order, and many are indistinguishable from the virtual satsangs we offer directly as part of our programs here in Thailand.

While some are broadcast-style, others are intimate, zoom-based events where you can participate and ask questions in the same way as you can with our Bangkok satsangs.

Since there are many such classes happening around the world right now, we’ve chosen talks and classes that fit with the Thai time zone and are guided by monks known to members of our Bangkok community.

Classes and talks we now list on our site:


7:30am: Stories from the Srimad Bhagavatam

8:00am: Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna study class

10:30am: Readings from the Direct Disciples of Sri Ramakrishna

10:30am: Bhagavad Gita study class


8:00am: Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna study class


9:00am: Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras study class


8:00am: Raja Yoga Meditation study class

11:00pm: Teachings of Swami Vivekananda class


7:30am: Talks on Sri Ramakrishna & His Divine Play

7:30am: Bhagavad Gita Study class

10:30am: Yoga Vasihta Sara study class (Advaita Vedanta)


7:30am: Gospel of Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi study class

8:00am: Bhagavad Gita study class


10:30am: Bhagavad Gita study class

All of these classes and talks can now be found on our Calendar of Events page, including the Zoom links and login information to attend.

Obviously members of our community will not attend every class (that is why we list three separate Bhagavad Gita classes each week, for instance). But the hope is that members of our Thailand community can easily tap into our global community of monastics through our events page whenever they have the need or inclination for spiritual guidance.

We continue to offer our monthly satsangs here in Bangkok, of course—there is always the need for local adaptation. But now through technology, our small association also offers a wide range of programs that previously only could be found at the largest centers in India.

So please check out our greatly expanded Calendar of Events, and consider augmenting your spiritual routine with one of the new classes we now are listing there. As Ramakrishna Mission founder Swami Vivekananda once said, the path of knowledge is the fastest route for spiritual growth. He also said it was the hardest path—but that’s where the monks come in to help.

Swami Samachittananda

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