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New Time for July Satsang

By on July 4, 2021

As you are aware, our next monthly satsang is scheduled for Sunday, July 4th wherein Swami Samachittanandaji, President of Ramakrishna Mission Singapore will be addressing the devotees. There have been a few changes. Maharaj will be addressing the devotees of RVAT and the Vedanta centre at Philippines simultaneously. Hence, the timing of the discourse has been changed to 4.30 pm Thailand time. Maharaj will be speaking on “ Importance of Priority in our Personal Spiritual Life.”

Please join the program through the following link. All of us having a google account / gmail account can join the program by clicking on the link without any problem.


We look forward to your presence at the discourse by Swamiji .

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Shilpi is a longstanding Ramakrishna Vedanta devotee. She is in charge of RVAT's email list.