Ramakrishna Vedanta Association of Thailand

Monthly Spiritual Service

We hold monthly spiritual services (“satsangs”) in Bangkok the first Sunday of each month. At these events, there is usually a talk given by a monk from the Ramakrishna Order, a reading from a holy book, group singing, and chanting.

This page includes a link to the most recent event announcement (on the right if you’re viewing on a laptop, below if you’re on a smartphone), and you also can consult our Calendar of Events for day and times.

Below is the order of events at our satsangs, including resources to help you participate.

Satsang Program of Events

1. Spiritual Talk
Talk delivered by Swami Samachittananda
Zoom link to attend virtually

2. Chanting (mantra recitation)
Download RVAT Chanting and Song Book

3. Singing (hymns)
Download RVAT Chanting and Song Book